Salves for your skin

Salves for your skin

I love to create salves for your skin.  I want the best for my family and for your family.  I research for 6-12 months before I introduce anything new.  

Jewelweed Soap & Jewelweed and Plantain Soap

Jewelweed and Plantain Salve

I have created a Jewelweed and Plantain Salve that has gotten rave reviews from everyone that has tried it!  

I see many crafters trying to create a jewelweed product using dried jewelweed.  This is not what I do.  I create a jewelweed tea for the inclusion into the soap the same day as it is harvested, so we can infuse the strongest possible jewelweed into our soaps for the best performance; to clean the Urshiol oil (the oil from the poison ivy plant) from your skin. The jewelweed is known for antifungal and antimicrobial properties. In addition to being used to get rid of poison ivy, it also helps with dermatitis, to treat bug bites and stings, helps with athlete’s foot. Jewelweed is an annual that thrives in the moist shaded areas, usually near the poison ivy plants!

Plantain is another great herb found as a 'weed' in most yards within the grass.  Plantain is a perennial and has have a shallow, thick taproot that keeps them alive over the winter. They sprout in mid-spring, then send up a flower stalk in early to mid-summer.  Plantain weed contains compounds that may reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing. What a great plant to include in this salve.  This plant needs to be dried before including in my salve.

To create the Jewelweed soap I make a concentrated tea that is frozen in ice cube trays.  These 'Jewelweed tea ice cubes' replace the water that is need to make the soap.

To create the Jewelweed and Plantain Soap I infuse the olive oil with the Jewelweed and the dried plantain.  I use this olive oil infusion in the soap to make the Jewel weed and Plantain Soap.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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