Cut and Abrasion Salve 1.8 oz.

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Cut and Abrasion Salve

This salve is an amazing combination of herbs which properties work together to give you an all natural product to help your skin heal.

A must have in all medicine cabinets. Made with Usnea, Yarrow and plantain. Three plants you’ll need to look up their properties to see what we have put together in this mighty salve. I made this salve using the three herbs mentioned above, which were put into a special crock pot with olive oil and very slowly warmed to extract all the plants goodness.

Made a video of making this salve if you’d like to take a look, you can watch it here:

I’ve used this salve recently (April 2020) because I had a not so good shovel experience. I ended up in Urgent care about and hour after it happened during the pandemic and got stitches. The nurse kept asking me when it happened because it was showing signs of healing. The skin was actually was curling, sorry that’s a bit gross but really! So I used the salve during the healing and it healed up with no redness or swelling. My experience and yours may be different, but please give this salve a try!

This salve is 1.80 ounce net weight in a two ounce container. Travels easily- not a liquid.

Tips for treating skin abrasions are:

Clean and wash your hands.

Rinse and clean the abrasion.

Apply a thin layer of Swan Soap and Such, Cut and Abrasion Salve.

Protect and cover the abrasion. Ice packs as needed for swelling.

Change the dressing.

Do not pick scabs.

Check for signs of infection.

Call your doctor if redness/inflammation persists.

The information given here is for general and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

It works on your face, in your nose and on your toes.  Try some!