Goat Milk and Charcoal Soap

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Goat Milk and Charcoal Soap

This soap recipe has some amazing qualities. This is a pure natural soap that is great for your skin!

First it is a FULL GOAT MILK SOAP! I replaced all the water with goat milk, so creamy!

Secondly, I added the charcoal, which is detoxifying and has a small bit of exfoliation in the soap.

Thirdly, but not less important, is the inclusion Tea Tree Essential oil and Lemon Essential Oil. These are great ingredients for your skin!

The bonus size of 5.0-5.5 oz. weight size plus the actual measurements that fit into your hand better all add up to a great bar of soap!

This soap was made by hot process with the highest quality ingredients.

Enjoy a bar today and see the difference these ingredients can make on your skin - your largest organ!!!

These make great gifts for your friends or family, gifts for him and gifts for her that are appreciated!

Made in small batches to ensure quality standards!

Blessings to all!