Paw Wax Paw Balm for Dogs and Cats 1.5 oz. with Calendula Flower Petals

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Paw Wax or Paw Balm for your dogs and cats!

With regular use is a great barrier to the snow, ice, and salt of the winter months.

Excellent for conditioning the paw for exposure to hot pavement.

All year use daily and weekly to help your furry friend have the best protection for their PAWs!

The American Kennel Club does advocate these same ingredients in their protective paw wax.

This is an excellent product for moisturizing their paws to protect from dry cracking paws!

DIRECTIONS It would need to be applied liberally and each time you go out for maximum benefits. Liberally means to get it in between the toes so you might need to massage it in even in their fur between their toes.

The Paw Wax acts as a barrier to outside elements with coverage.

Each situation is a bit different.

Paws get conditioned to handle excess temperatures better as time and use go on.

Some believe that it won’t work if the pet licks their paws.

Even if your pet seems to be licking off this product, it still does the job!

Beeswax helps seal the pad so no worries!!!

Great protection from the hot dry pavement in the summertime too; protects from drying pads on our dogs and cats.

Can be used on their noses also as needed.

In either case, massage into pads or nose for a deeper penetration in the tissue. 😉.

Also trimming excess hair around the paw to allow for a cleaner application.

This Paw Wax is perfect for your animals and should be applied liberally and often, as needed for treatment and/or prevention.

I use the very best ingredients for our precious pets.

Use often for best results and know the formulation of olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and the beekeepers beeswax that avails of all the antibacterial qualities will keep your pets pads in great condition.

No mess no staining and safe for your pet, safe for you too!

Apply to your dog or cats paws before: Exposure to the hot pavement while running or walking with you Walking on snow or ice Going hiking Hunting in rugged terrain.

  Blessings to all!

Legal disclaimer: These statements are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.