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Our products are formulated with quality ingredients.  These products will take good care of your skin, whether you have dry, normal or oily skin. 

I have special salves that are also formulated with quality ingredients especially made for specific reasons.  For Poison ivy & Bug bites or a cut or a scrape; we have a salve for that.  More to come in the future!

Our shower steamers, bath bombs, Bubble bars are all super moisturizing in the shower or bath. 

Note:  The shower steamers have STRONG scent and are intended to go in the shower, not the bath.  

NOTE:  Camphor Essential oil in our SINUS shower steamer is very strong.  Pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as young children should not be using camphor unless supervised (young children 6 and under).  pregnant women need to consult their doctors advise first.


Blessings to all!