Jewelweed Poison Ivy 4.5 oz Soap

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Jewelweed Poison Ivy Soap

All natural! Safe for the entire family.

I made this soap using a special tea made from the Jewelweed plant.

In early spring when the concentration of Jewelweed juice is highest we collect these plants that are in the Impatience family, so they’re found in shady, damp places.

We take the plants and combine with distilled water and cook them down to get their special elixir.

We keep this liquid in ice cubes to use as a replacement of the water in the soap recipe.

I used this on my granddaughter when she was bitten by a bug 🕷 and it seemed to sooth her very quickly as she was screaming and stopped suddenly after I massaged the bite area with this soap and water for less than one minute! That’s impressive!

The idea is that after you’ve worked in the yard come in and wash with this soap and the oils of the poison ivy will be neutralized!!! That’s awesome!

Everyone needs this soap in their first aid kit at home! Jewelweed neutralizes the itching, irritation and neutralizes Urushiol, the oil in poison ivy.

Made with all natural ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, lard, and castor oil, Jewelweed tea, distilled water and sodium hydroxide.

This listing is for one bar of soap weighing approximately 4.5 oz-5 oz

Please allow for slight variations in bars.

To extend the life of your soap keep it dry between uses by using a draining soap dish and avoiding streams of water.

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting itchy rashes from these plants! Wash with this soap after working in the yard!

Keep dry between uses for longer lasting results.

Keep away from eyes, not for internal use.

Made in the USA with Love.

Blessings to all!

(DISCLAIMER) For external use only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any health conditions.